Bita's practice is centered around observations and reflections on variety of everyday situations and is highly influenced by where she is based at the time. She examines the inner workings of social systems in relation with the political structures and national events of historic proportions in various countries. While socio-political observation is at the core of her practice, the dialectic between bringing what is personal to the public sphere, and the impossibility of total exposure because of law or social pressure, creates a secretive feel in some of her pieces. In her recent works she reacts to, and explores, the agency of the objects and the systems as they act upon her, and as she documents and records them.

Bita Razavi (born Tehran, 1983) lives and works between Helsinki and Metsakivi, Estonia. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music performance from Tehran Art University and holds a Masters in Fine Art from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. She has exhibited her work at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 1st Trondheim Biennale, Finnish Museum of Photography, XV Biennale de la Méditerranée, Thessaloniki, Helsinki Photography Biennale, Hesinki Design Museum, Videobrasil, SESC Pompeia, Cité international des Arts, Paris, Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, Göteborg International Biennal for Contemporary Art, and National Art Museum of Ukraine.