An Exhibition for My Friend

A collaboration with Orr Menirom

An Exhibition for My Friend is a one-year project with Israeli artist Orr Menirom. In this work we point out some of the tensions between Iran and Israel by showing their effects on our personal lives as two friends and colleagues. As it was impossible for me as an Iranian to Travel to Israel and for Orr to travel to Iran, we decided to exchange our identities and show our works in two exhibitions in each other’s countries. We tried to create the experience of being in a forbidden space for one another by sending visual materials and to pass the closed borders of two countries; borders that are even closed to postal packages. The coup d'état in Iran that happened one week after I arrived there to organize Orr’s exhibition, turned our project to another state. The those exhibitions we held in Iran and Israel were the first solo exhibitions for both me and Orr.