series of 32 photographs with audio captions


This series of photographs feature some of the objects that the artist’s Iranian grandmother gathered for her as a dowry. Most of the objects were bought during her childhood, at the time of Iran-Iraq war.  The war from 1980 to 1988 was a time of extreme poverty in Iran, but despite the scarcity of resources, Bita’s grandmother continued to put together a dowry. The poor quality of the objects reflects the hardship of the time and many of them are now unusable. The project reflects the common attitude of gathering goods and saving for the future in the generation who experienced the war, and also the grandmother’s idea of marriage and the significance of a dowry which is quite different in this generation. The artist has highlighted this contrast by photographing the outdated items in the style of attractive advertising images -in contrast with the appearance of the objects themselves. The accompanying audio recordings feature her grandmother’s descriptions of the items and reasons for including them in her collection.