Hungry Man and Two Boxes of ONIONS

A collaboration with Ali Kalantari

This performance is executed in a dark room that spectators enter from one side. At the back of the room there is a slide projector that projects images. Because there's no white surface in the room, nothing is visible and all one can hear is the sound of changing slides.

A performer enters the room and stands on a small stage residing in front of the projector. The performer is wearing black except his gloves, his shoes and his mask that are all white. The performer reveals some parts of the projected images by moving the white surfaces of his clothing. Additionally, he sometimes uses some other white surfaces as shown in the picture.

Most of the images are narrative and it's the performer that decides which parts of the image to show and by this, he emphasizes on some points, and hides the other and depicts the story of an image the way he choses.