Site-specific sound installation
Commissioned by Nida Art Colony

“Radio Ahlqvist” is a sound installation consists of a network of radios, installed in both sides of the Lithuania-Kaliningrad border in Curonian Spit and within the coverage area of Lithuanian local radio transmitter. The radios were set off during the daily program of the local radio and turned on by receiving a certain frequency from the radio tower of Nida which was hijacked periodically by Société Anonyme Ahlqvist from 17th-21st of May 2012. Our radios functioned the similar way as the radio controlled mines which were used during the Second World War by the Soviet Union in the city of Viipuri. According to Finnish Legend the landmines were set to explode by receiving certain frequencies through radio transmissions. The Finnish army brought a portable radio transmitter and played a song called Säkkijärven Polkka over and over for three months to interfere with the Soviet Union transmission. After three months the batteries of the mines died.

The project is based on a research of radio propaganda and sonic warfare in Nordic/Baltic area.