The Swing

Interactive video installation
- A swing and a big screen in front of for the video to be projected on
duration of the video: depends on the decision of the viewer

This works is an interactive video installation consisting of a swing and a video that runs synchronized with the movement of the swing and the viewer. The video shows the artist swinging in a Nordic landscape.
The viewer would be able to sit on the swing and watch the video that is projected on the wall/screen in front of them. The video stars running when the viewer starts swinging. The video shows the artist swinging in another space and precisely synchronized with the swinging of the viewer. When the viewer swings slowly the video shows the artist swinging slower and when they swing faster the video adjusts with that. When the swing is empty, and no one sits on it, the video shows the artist sitting on the swing without any movement and when the viewer stops swinging and leaves, the artist leaves the swing and the frame but not necessarily synchronized with the viewer.