The Yellow House


The yellow House is a former abandoned house in countryside Estonia that I have been renovating and transforming to a residential space since 2016. During the process of renovation I am studying the materials used for its former renovations which has a lot in common with the materials used in any other house renovated during the Soviet era. The house was built in 1925 and renovated in different stages.

This project studies the material used for renovation and interior design in relation with the recent history of the Baltic region. It also explores the possibility of more sustainable renovation and employing recycled and found materials.

During the Soviet area renovation was done with whatever material that was available. Soviet citizens did not have much choice in interior design and limitations of material defined the character of the repairs of that period. In 1990s, EuroRemont became the trend and by the 2000s and was available to almost everyone. Becoming the most common style for renovation, using elements such as low ceilings with built-in lights, laminate flooring and plasterboard walls; elements that were not sustainable at all and are already being replaces by new visual trends of interior design.