The Yellow House


The yellow House is a formerly abandoned house in countryside Estonia that I have been renovating and transforming to a residential space since 2016. During the process of renovation I’ve been studying the materials used for its previous renovations which has a lot in common with the materials used in any other house in Baltic region renovated during the Soviet era. The house was built in 1925 and renovated in different stages.

The yellow house is a place to rest. A place to practice not fulfilling the tasks that are expected of you, not being productive and functional. A place to praise Laziness. The advanced capitalist model considers rest and its unproductiveness a threat to its core; the leverage of guilt that most of the global population begin to feel when being unproductive.

The Yellow House is a place to rehearse non-activity, just wandering around, staring and gazing. A place to rehearse hospitality.